im aiming for the “shes a badass and cute as hell but I wouldn’t touch her without asking” look

lapdog with a little bow on his tail

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In a simple experiment, researchers at the University of Chicago sought to find out whether a rat would release a fellow rat from an unpleasantly restrictive cage if it could. The answer was yes.

The free rat, occasionally hearing distress calls from its compatriot, learned to open the cage and did so with greater efficiency over time. It would release the other animal even if there wasn’t the payoff of a reunion with it. Astonishingly, if given access to a small hoard of chocolate chips, the free rat would usually save at least one treat for the captive — which is a lot to expect of a rat.

The researchers came to the unavoidable conclusion that what they were seeing was empathy — and apparently selfless behavior driven by that mental state.

“A New Model of Empathy: The Rat” by David Brown, Washington Post


this just in: rats are more humane than humans



one time in 7th grade i stayed up for 3 days straight just to see if i could. on the third day in history class i watched my hand and pencil warp through my desk and my friend beside me nudged me and said “you’ve been staring at your hand for the past 30 minutes” and ever since i always get enough sleep and you should too

this has been a psa everyone


i’m literally just a suicidal piece of shit telling other people who think they are suicidal pieces of shit that they are not actually suicidal pieces of shit

I’m really lonely and would like someone to keep me company, because I’m alone and don’t have many People anymore yknow

queencakey replied to your post: Does anyone have any ideas of things I…

I recommend stiens;gate, it’s a visual novel but if that’s not your thing I can also rec anime?

hmmm, what’s it about? c:
i’m not overly into anime, sadly, whenever i do see it i can’t take it seriously and i’m not sure why :c

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Does anyone have any ideas of things I can put on my laptop for when I go into hospital late next month? 

Thinking games, tv series, movies, projects etc. I’m planning to minimise time I’m on my phone in there because I don’t think it’s very helpful to me to be in constant contact with people.

Any ideas?


7 images that debunk anti-vaccine believers’ outrageous claims

Anti-vax claim: Because most dangerous diseases have been virtually eliminated in wealthy countries like the United States, vaccinations have basically become unnecessary.

Debunk: It only takes a few cases for an outbreak to resurface in a population with low vaccination coverage. In fact, due to anti-vaccine paranoia, there’s been several measles (red) and whooping cough (green) outbreaks in the US recently.

Importantly, getting vaccinated protects those around us. A small number of the population are unable to be vaccinated (small children, the elderly), so their protective barrier is vaccinated people around them who stop the spread of the disease. This concept is known as “herd immunity.”

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